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Affordable Housing

Volunteers of America Affordable Housing

We believe housing is a basic human need and the foundation for a stable, fully realized life. Throughout Texas and the U.S., the shortage of affordable housing has become critical, and vulnerable populations like seniors, low-income families and adults with disabilities are among the hardest hit. Providing an answer to this shortage is our goal at Volunteers of America Texas.

As one of the largest nonprofit providers of quality, affordable housing for low-income households in Texas, we have more than 40 housing communities where residents can live independently in a safe, welcoming environment.

Affordable Housing Locations

Abilene * º
Alamo ♦
Albuquerque, NM * º
Arlington + ▲
Austin * ▲
Burleson * º
Cleveland * º
Conroe * º
Dallas *+ º
Fort Worth *+ ⌂ º
Fredericksburg * º
Garland * º
Gonzales * º
Grand Prairie +
Houston * º ▲
Irving +
Kerrville * º
Nacogdoches * º
Navasota * º
Plano +
Rosenburg * º
San Antonio * ▲
San Juan ♦
Santa Rosa ♦
The Woodlands * º
Tulia * º
Victoria * º

For information contact:
Betty Morris
Vice President, Housing/Fleet Operations

Home is Where the Heart Is

Programs - Affordable Housing - Home is Where The Heart Is

After years of helping people finance their homes in the mortgage industry, Joan found herself in need of one. At age 76, Joan could not find work, and her limited budget made it difficult to find a safe, comfortable place to live. But then she found Volunteers of America Texas.

Last year, Joan moved into an apartment at Thomas Square, one of Volunteers of America Texas’ affordable housing communities for seniors. “This is just the greatest place in the world,” said Joan. The move has allowed her put her focus back on what she loves to do most – help others.

Having balanced a career with raising five children, Joan is not one to sit idly by. “I don’t enjoy TV that much. So, when you reach my age, you end up with not a lot to do,” she said. Instead, Joan makes large, handcrafted dolls to give children who otherwise would have no gifts at Christmas. “It just breaks my heart to think of those children with no Christmas,” said Joan. “This is just one thing I can do to help.”