Many of the 15,000 we serve each year fall into the categories that the Center for Disease Control

considers at risk to contract the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Their health and safety, as well as that of our staff, are of upmost importance to us. Therefore, we are making adjustments as we receive new information regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic to ensure the people we serve and their families are safe during this time.

Although are continuing all operations at this time, we are limiting access, visitations and outings at our residential re-entry centers, housing locations, and intellectual and developmental disabilities programs. Staff who work at our senior housing sites are limiting their interactions with clients to reduce the risk of spreading the virus unknowingly. While staff at our administration offices will work remotely, we are coordinating the schedules of all of our more than 330 employees to ensure we have adequate coverage.

Throughout our 100 year history, Volunteers of America Texas has continued to serve the most vulnerable. While this is a new challenge, we have dedicated staff and resources to sustain our services throughout this pandemic.

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Current VOA Texas employee, Ashley Norris, knows first hand how scary COVID-19 can be. Her sister contracted the virus earlier this year. She discussed how she deals with working as an essential employee at VOA Texas and trying to balance the health and financial impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic.