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Community Health

Volunteers of America Texas has launched a new community health program. In partnership with Humana Health Plan, this program is designed to educate and engage residents of north Texas. Through the program Community Health Workers (CHWs) provide grassroots outreach designed to address the root causes of health disparities and inequities by focusing on the social determinants of health and connecting area residents with access to high-quality health care.

The innovative new program employs trained CHWs who engage with the residents at increased risk of poor health by providing care coordination, offering support for chronic disease management, navigation of community resources, empowering individuals to make health decisions, community outreach, and increased health education.

CHWs will coordinate health care services with health care teams to achieve successful health outcomes for participants. VOA Texas and Humana's goals for the program include reducing health disparities in north Texas, bridging the gap in care, and improving health outcomes for all program participants.

Monica Ventura, Community Health Director
Phone: (469) 744-1115