Rebuilding Lives

VOA Texas gives hope, healing after Hurricane Harvey.

Mary Allen (pictured left on the corner photo with her daughter E’Vonne) is a single mother of two children in Missouri City, TX. After struggling to put herself through college while taking care of her children, she has finally been able to pursue her dreams- bringing peace to school kids through speech therapy. Allen is a woman of great strength and perseverance- working in the community, encouraging her son, Gian, who has just started college, and still managing to work closely with her daughter’s care.

Allen’s daughter, E’Vonne suffers from partial paralysis to the lower extremities, brought on by an adverse reaction to inoculations during infancy. Mother and daughter find time for joy despite recent news that E’Vonne’s body is shutting down. Her mother has moved E’Vonne through many medical communities and doctors’ care searching for a way to survive. Recently, her daughter has found some hope in a hospital in New Orleans, but the commute and the medical bills, has pushed Allen near despair. To make matter worse, in 2017 Hurricane Harvey threatened Mary’s ability to see her daughter for many weeks and left devastation at her home.

When Volunteers of America Texas reached out to Allen in March of 2018, the proud woman insisted that not much was wrong with her home and that certainly others needed help more than she. Regional Director, Danita Wadley, insisted that VOA Texas at least take a look at what level of damage Mary’s home incurred that would cause Missouri City to refer the Allen family. Mrs. Wadley couldn’t have been more right in sending her troops out. Construction Coordinator, Thomas Beebe, found that although the repairs needed seemed minor, they were actually very dangerous.

Mary Allen’s home was open in more than a few places to the elements, pests, and to other potential threats. Her back door wouldn’t shut, living room windows were broken open, the patio doors to her own bedroom were broken and unsealed, and to make matters worse, both sides of Mary’s gates were broken open and were easily accessible to possible dangers. VOA Texas quickly intervened when Allen began receiving notices from the city of possible costly fines for the unsightliness of the damage.

Working diligently to restore the woman’s home, VOA Texas was able to restore Allen’s home to a place of safety and protection by mid-April. The hard-working single mother was delighted, saying,

“I am so grateful and blessed. I feel so safe now. I couldn’t have done this without you [VOA Texas]! And now I can focus on what is really important –these kids, my son in college, my daughter in the hospital, and my kids in speech therapy, and helping them to fulfill their dreams.”

The home repair program of Volunteers of America Texas is made possible by Niagara Bottling, Inc.