PSH Program Adds House Blessings to Host of Services

VOA Texas Minister, Tim Lloyd (pictured right) serves full time as the agency’s Housing Support Manager. Day in and day out, he helps people in Conroe, Texas find safe, affordable housing through the organization’s Permanent and Supportive Housing (PSH) Program.

One Saturday in April, he and his wife Becky found themselves on the doorstep of a home he had recently helped a client to acquire. Days before, the client, who wishes to remain anonymous, asked Tim to bless the property to establish a sense of peace and tranquility over the new space. Being a domestic violence survivor, the idea of a “safe” home brings and extra sense of importance.

“A peace came over all of us as we silently entered the home,” said Tim. With his Bible in hand, he prayed in every area of the home’s interior, then outside to every outer wall and door. A bit unsure of his first house blessing, “I just closed my eyes and did my best to communicate with God and meet this client’s request in a true and honest way,” he said.

VOA Texas Minister, Tim Lloyd blesses the new home of a participant in our Permanent and Supportive Housing Program.
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