Reentry programs in Texas

Helping Men & Women Returning from the Federal System Transition to Home

Whether you’re nearing your release date or have been recently released from jail or prison, this is a momentous – and challenging – time. While seeking to rebuild and repair relationships, you may face barriers to employment or housing or need credit repair.  At VOA Texas, we are committed to easing your transition home. We believe in second chances, and we believe in you!

Reentry programs in Texas : Our Services


Resolana provides connections to resources and an intensive series of gender-specific classes to female offenders while they are still in custody in the Dallas County Jail as well as ongoing support once they are released.

reentry programs in Texas

Hutchins Residential Re-entry Center

We work with individuals in a halfway house setting as they prepare to re-enter the community, helping them build life skills and overcome problems with addiction. 

reentry programs in Texas

Fort Worth Residential Re-entry Center

Our professional staff works with individuals in the process of re-entering the community, helping them find employment and identify resources and a network of support they need to be successful. 

Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together (MINT) Program –

Our Avenue J location is also home to MINT Program for female offenders who are pregnant. 

reentry programs in Texas

Fresh Start Re-entry Program

Helping people in the Houston area who are formerly incarcerated to get the training they need to get the jobs they want and the life they deserve!

reentry programs in Texas

Dallas Pathways Career Re-entry Program

Addresses barriers to successful reentry such as low job skills, educational deficits, and few vocational opportunities. The center provides job skills training and workforce support to help reduce recidivism.

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Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Volunteers of America Texas complies with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003 and has a zero-tolerance stance towards all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. VOATX has extensive policies and procedures in place (in adherence with PREA) that are applicable to residents, staff, volunteers, visitors, and contractors. Our zero-tolerance stance includes education, prevention, detection, and immediate response to incidents.

Anyone wishing to report acts or allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment may contact the agency’s PREA Coordinator by phone at 817-529-7368 or by email at Individuals may also report to the Bureau of Prisons directly by writing to:

Federal Bureau of Prisons, National PREA Coordinator, Reentry Services Division, 400 First Street NW, Room 4027, Washington, DC, 20534 to report inmate abuse of another inmate. To report an act or allegation of staff abuse of an inmate, individuals can write to: Federal Bureau of Prisons, Office of Internal Affairs, 320 First Street NW, Room 600, Washington, DC, 20534.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, PREA Ombudsman Office, PO Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342-0099, Phone: (936) 437-5570, Email:

Volunteers of America Texas has successfully passed a PREA audit of the agency’s Residential Reentry Centers at 800 W. Wintergreen Rd, Hutchins, TX and 2710 Avenue J, Fort Worth, TX, and a PREA audit of our Residential Treatment Center at 4700 S. Riverside Dr, Fort Worth in 2016 and 2019. The audits assess the compliance with the PREA standards for Community Confinement developed by the United States Department of Justice. The standards are available online at the National PREA Resource Center

Report Sexual Abuse or Harassment

Phone: (817) 529-7368 Email:

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