VOA Texas Developmental Disabilities services

Texas Developmental Disabilities services: what we do

 Encouraging growth, honoring personal strengths, and supporting self-determination.  Our goal is your goal: to empower loved ones to lead their best lives.

Our programs include:

Host Homes (Foster Care)

Our support specialists and nurses coordinate individualized care for adults and children with disabilities – from medical services and therapies to day programs and equipment.

Residential Group Homes

Our group homes for adults and children with disabilities provide around-the-clock support in a home environment that encourages independence while fostering a sense of community.

In-Home Support

For families who support their relatives at home, we provide extensive in-home services. By partnering to create a program customized to your loved one’s needs and providing opportunities for community involvement, we help clients meet their potential, and support you as a caregiver.

Specialized Deaf-Blind Services

Our team has the expertise and flexibility to provide the personalized support needed to address a complex web of sensory, mobility, and/or intellectual disabilities. We work closely with caregivers to develop and oversee the delivery of individualized support plans, as well as interpret, intervene, and teach skills that improve daily living.

Vocational Opportunities and Training Services

This Houston-based program includes job placement, skills training, and supportive employment to increase the number of individuals with disabilities gainfully employed.  We focus on providing quality services to historically underserved populations, those who are deaf and blind with multiple disabilities (DBMD), and those with mental health and physical challenges.

Vocational Opportunities and Training Services

The Volunteers of America Texas Vocational Opportunity and Training Services (VOTS) Program assists individuals with disabilities, or other employment barriers, to find and maintain competitive, integrated employment.

texas developmental disabilities services
texas developmental disabilities services
texas developmental disabilities services

Working with Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services (TWS-VRS) and the Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC), we help people with disabilities find and maintain competitive, integrated employment.  VOTS provides training opportunities for individuals with disabilities, building on the strengths and desires of clients and their families to develop services that improve their quality of life. 


  • VOTS Training – life skills training, work readiness, decision making, volunteerism and other skills necessary to live independently in the community. Skills training labs available on site.
  • Employment assistance – help to locate competitive employment, job skills, conducting training on identified needs and locating prospective employment compatible with an individual’s identified preferences, skills and requirements.
  • Job placement – job searches, training and/or assistance in completing applications, resumes, interviewing skills, job acceptance, etc.
  • Job skills training – teaching and reinforcing job skills and developing or setting up accommodations and/or compensatory techniques to increase the individuals independence to meet the employer’s needs.
  • Supportive Employment – enabling individuals with the most significant disabilities to enter competitive integrated employment by providing individualized assistance in finding an appropriate job match then providing long term supports to maintain employment including employment adaptations, supervision and training.
  • Financial literacy – training in banking, money management and other financial needs including understanding social security benefits while working.
  • Work Experience – allows individuals to be placed with a business or organization in the community to complete a short-term (up to 12 weeks), part-time experience to learn skills that are transferable to future, long-term, employment.


VOA Texas works in conjunction with Texas Workforce Solutions Vocational Rehabilitation Services (TWS-VRS). Our trained professionals are able to assist with employment.

Additionally, we work with the Texas Health & Human Services Commission (HHSC). You may qualify based on:

  • Eligibility to receive services via TWS-VRS.
    Participation in one of the HHSC Medicaid wavier programs. Offers support after TWC closure.
    • Eligibility for employment services via a managed care organization.
    • Private Pay (fees vary upon needs)
    • Eligibility for Summer Earn and learn (SEAL)

Learn about our Vocational Opportunities and Training Services Program

Beanca Williams

Regional Director-Houston

Phone: (713) 460-0781 Ext. 3015 Email: bwilliams@voatx.org

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