Set up for Success

“Sponsors from VOA really do give you all the tools you need to set you up for success.”

Roxaine Oneykakeyah

All it took was a chance meeting with a former coworker to set Roxaine Onyekakeya on a path to an independent life, one that includes opportunity, financial stability, and skills for life. Roxaine and her coworker met at a group home where Roxaine’s dedication and commitment to work was clear. She had never heard of Volunteers of America Texas but didn’t hesitate to step up and become a part of the Financial Opportunity Center in Houston where she received her training.

“I worked really hard,” she explains, “to push through the program, the classes, do an externship, zoom chats, and learning video modules.” The effort paid off in a big way, with Roxaine citing first the knowledge she gained about available opportunities. But next came the real opportunities. With what she learned about being a Patient Care Technician, she earned opportunities to interview with top hospitals around the state and take her choice of offers. She’s been working in a Covid unit for nearly six months and credits VOA Texas for giving her a new way of living.

Roxaine Oneykakeyah

“I’m in a better area of life than before,” she says. “I’ve gained important skills; I work with medical professionals and am presented with many new opportunities. I have so much more confidence!” Those skills—and the new job and the confidence—also brought financial stability into Roxaine’s life. “I have a new car and I take care of my family,” she says, adding that she plans to go back to school for a higher degree.

As important as the job skills, however, Roxiane cites something more. She has also changed as a person. “There have been many challenges along the way; maintaining true character has molded me to be a better person to help my community,” she says. “I feel much greater gratitude in life.”

One object of her greater gratitude is Shelita Hebert, the VOA Texas coordinator who recommended her to the program. “I couldn’t have done it without the support of my sponsors from VOA,” Roxiane adds. “They really do give you all the tools you need to set you up for success. I believe anything is possible; It’s putting the work into it and being a person of your word.”

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