A Vet's Success

Renae Baker, U.S. Navy veteran, moved to Conroe, TX from Salt Lake City, Utah on May 7, 2017. She moved in hopes of securing a better future, although, when she arrived, she had no home and no job. With in a week, she was enrolled in the Volunteers of America Texas Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (HVRP) which helps homeless and unemployed veterans secure employment and other services needed through intensive case management and referral services.

Baker was provided employment services, resume writing, and job search assistance as well as a housing referral. Using an ideal recipe for success, Baker followed through on all job leads and referrals provided to her. By May 19 she had secured fulltime employment. Through the housing referral provided she was also able to also obtain a place to live, moving into her apartment just 11 days after enrolling into the HVRP. Wanting to achieve more, Baker also acquired a part-time job, on top of her full time employment.

A Pharmacy Technician by trade, Baker lacked a certification to work in a hospital which is her ideal job. As a participant in the HVRP, she was able get assistance paying the necessary fees for the class she needs to obtain her certification. Baker’s determination and willingness to follow through on all of her tasks afforded her the opportunity to quickly turn her situation around.