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  • Resolana: Kathleen's Story

    Introduced to alcohol at only four-years-old, Kathleen Callahan's life spun deeper out of control later in life. After finding the VOA Texas Resolana program inside the Dallas County Jail, she now helps other women take control of their lives.

  • Resolana: Xavier's Story

    For Xavier Roberts, domestic abuse made an existing drug addiction even worse. She needed something different, and found it with the VOA Texas Resolana Program inside of the Dallas County Jail.

  • Resolana: Chelsea's Story

    Chelsea Collier’s life as an only child started out just fine. But at 14, the first cracks in the foundation appeared when her parents divorced. She found a sense of family through a friend's whose tight-knit connection was bound with marijuana usage. Excessive drinking led to a downward spiral that resulted in Chelsea spending time in the Dallas County Jail. There she found the Resolana Program run by VOA Texas, and the rest is history.

  • Resolana: Courtney's Story

    It was 2014 and Courtney Johnson was in the Dallas County Jail. Based on the drug charges she heard in court she knew she would be here a while. She had no family. No money. No one to come see her. And she wasn’t even 30 years old. A string of tragedy left Courtney without faith and hope. She found both inside of the Dallas County Jail through Resolana, a program of Volunteers of America Texas.

  • Bouncing Back from Homelessness

    Craig Swain had it all. He was living a successful white-collar life, thanks to a genius for all things computers and the technology they entailed. It was a gift that Craig turned into a career, along with his natural fit for the corporate world. Well liked, polite and a master at his craft, good paying jobs were easy to find. He had a nice home, a family. It was perfect. But it all changed in one day when his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

  • Cyber Crime Survivor

    Cyber crime is something most Americans have only heard about. To Shawnda Hibbeler, however, an almost unbelievable series of cyber crimes left her and her daughter homeless, hopeless and without a penny to her name.

  • Why "I" Work With VOA Texas: Patricia Roland

    "I have the opportunity to let individuals know that the are enough. Many haven't heard those words and were always told the opposite. My job allows me the opportunity to help individuals navigate to a better path or journey. I get to provide them with tools and resources to rebuild and unlock new doors," said Patricia Roland, Federal Case Manager Supervisor.

  • Why "I" Work With VOA Texas: Richard Kemp

    Richard has one of the most memorable experiences at VOA Texas. Read more on why he continues to work with VOA Texas.

  • Why 'I' Work With VOA Texas: Betty Morris

    Betty Morris, VP of Housing, explains why she's worked for VOA Texas for more than 24 years!

  • Why "I" Work With VOA Texas: Shawn Ewing

    We provide different programs so in my position I get to work with all of the different programs and it is fulfilling work.