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  • Living Courageously through COVID

    Duberney's biggest challenge as a veteran, wasn't war, but battling COVID-19.

  • Set up for Sucess

    All it took was a chance meeting with a former coworker to set Roxaine Onyekakeya on the path to an independent life, one that includes opportunity, financial stability, and skills for life.

  • Why 'I' Work With VOA Texas: Zella Richards

    Once a client, now a full-time VOA Texas staff member, Zella Richards is charged with helping to uplift others the way she credits VOA Texas of doing for her decades ago.

  • Why 'I' Work With VOA Texas: Rodney Wilson

    Rodney Wilson, Facilities Services Manager, explains why he works for VOA Texas.

  • An Answered Prayer

    You could call Joyce Moore the ‘Grande Dame’ of Thomas Square Apartments. At 90 years young, she has called the senior apartment complex home for 14 years, longer than any other resident. It’s also a place she says she is grateful to have found.

  • Why 'I' Work With VOA Texas: Sylvie Wagnon

    Sylvie Wagnon explains why she works with VOA Texas.

  • Choosing to THRIVE

    When most of us here the word “thrive,” we think of how it means to flourish or prosper. For Christine Taylor, however, to thrive means getting a second chance. That’s because when Christine joined VOA Texas’ THRIVE program, she found the way to make a long-ago dream come true: being involved in nursing.

  • A Big Heart on a Big Day

    In the throes of a global pandemic, VOA Texas has been truly blessed by the outpouring of support from donors and friends in the community. Beverly Terranova, 88 of Arlington, is one of many bright stars who shined their light in a time of need.

  • Maintaining a Positive Mindset

    Quentin, 34, spent three years in the United States Air Force before being medically discharged from the military. Since then, Quentin has experienced multiple difficulties as a result of mental and physical trauma he experienced in the military.

  • VOA Texas Lights the Night Blue in Dallas

    VOA branding illuminated the Dallas skyline, once voted the world's best, the entire night of Monday, March 8 on Reunion Tower, Bank of America Plaza, AT&T Discover District and the Omni Dallas Hotel.