Family-focused recovery

that works for moms and babies.

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    Dallas/Forth Worth

    4700 S. Riverside Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76119, (817) 534-3432

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    731 W. Davis Road, Conroe, TX 77031, (936) 788-2660 // 4808 Yale Street, Houston, TX, 77018, (832) 240-1587

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    San Antonio

    Living in Good Healthy Treatment (LIGHT) Program, 6487 Whitby Road, Bldg. 12, San Antonio, TX 78240, (210) 558-0731

Substance Abuse Treatment

Our addiction treatment and recovery programs address not only the addiction itself, but also issues like poverty, homelessness and abuse that arise from chemical dependency. We are committed to helping clients gain sure footing in sobriety so that they can reclaim what was lost and become productive members of their families and society. Programs include:

  • Family-Focused Residential Treatment for Mothers with Children 
  • Specialized treatment of opioid addiction
  • Programs for pregnant women and women with children
  • Parenting classes
  • Job preparation and training programs
  • Financial support services
  • Housing placement
  • Treatment for domestic abuse/trauma

Nicole: Defeating Addiction

Nicole came to Volunteers of America Texas straight from jail. A high school dropout with a history of more than a decade of substance abuse, she was alone, scared and destitute. Her two children had never been allowed to live in her care. She was desperate to change her life.