Sylvie Wagnon

Director, Residential Treatment

What keeps you motivated and dedicated after the four years that you’ve been with VOA Texas?

Coming to work and being able to provide treatment services for those in need, in an environment where I am supported by my supervisory team, working with others who are self-directed to help others as well, and being in a facility that recognizes that we could not do what we do without God’s guidance and support.

Explain how you have benefited from growth opportunities at VOA Texas?

I came into the VOA in the top position at my facility. I was given the opportunity to set up a contract with a local program to provide substance use services. It did not work out in the long run, but it was a learning experience from which I learned much.

What’s your favorite memory at VOA Texas?

I have so many favorite moments with specific clients making breakthroughs. The best, and most complicated, was the adjustment to shutting down client movement due to the pandemic and all the therapeutic activities that we were able to adopt as a result. Clients became much more focused on their treatment since they could not go out to work. It was the best time for therapy and clients shared openly and deeply during this stressful time. The shut down helped us to set up a schedule that seamlessly adds therapeutic activities (such as gardening) and clients don’t realize that they are getting therapeutic recreation as they participate. We have been able to maintain some of these activities and I believe that we are much more effective now, as a result.

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