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Take a tour!

  • Financial Opportunity Center

    The Financial Opportunity Center offers a wide array of bundled services in three core areas: increased wages, improved finances and access to public benefits. By empowering individuals with critical skills and tools using a proven, research-based curriculum, we are changing the face of poverty, one person at a time.

  • Vocational Opportunities & Training Services

    Offered in Houston, Texas to increase the number of individuals with disabilities to become gainfully employed in competitive job opportunities while providing quality services to historically under served populations, including those who are deaf and blind with multiple disabilities (DBMD) and those with mental health and physical challenges. Our services include job placement, skills training, and supportive employment.

  • Outpatient Treatment Center

    Our addiction treatment and recovery programs address not only the addiction itself, but also issues like poverty, homelessness and abuse that arise from chemical dependency. We are committed to helping clients gain sure footing in sobriety so that they can reclaim what was lost and become productive members of their families and society.