Why “I” Work With VOA Texas: Patricia Roland

Federal Case Manager Supervisor, Residential Re-entry

What keeps you motivated and dedicated after the five years that you’ve been with VOA Texas?

I have the opportunity to let individuals know that they are enough. Many haven’t heard those words and were always told the opposite. My job allows me the opportunity to help individuals navigate a better path or journey. I get to provide them with tools and resources to rebuild and unlock new doors.

Explain how you have benefited from growth opportunities at VOA Texas.

I’ve been allowed to develop a relationship with resources in the community. I’ve been allowed to stretch and foster new relationships that have proven to have been a success. These resources encourage them to want different and to start moving differently. Old keys don’t unlock new doors. I’ve been able to represent VOA in the community through homelessness and stocking the fridge in the community. Developing donation drives and assisting those moving from homelessness to their first home. Our clients are able to piggyback off the resources.

What’s your favorite memory at VOA Texas?

My favorite memory was of a client that came in with nothing and left with hope, a career, and a new beginning. This client never worked a day in his life but attended training while in prison. I was able to assist him in getting an interview. We practice interviewing tips, mocked interviews, and how to answer the hard questions. Needless to say, he nailed it! He was hired as an HVAC repairman, he was given a company van to drive and wages of $30.00 He did it! He was so proud and is currently still employed.

Why I Work With VOA Texas: Patricia Roland.
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