Why “I” Work With VOA Texas: Shawn Ewing

What keeps you motivated and dedicated after the 16 years that you’ve been with VOA Texas?

The mission of helping the vulnerable reach their full potential. We provide different programs so in my position, I get to work with all of the different programs and it is fulfilling work.

Explain how you have benefited from growth opportunities at VOA Texas.

From Program Coordinator to being promoted to Director. In being promoted I get to work with a vast array of other organizations! Sharing about our mission and encouraging them to partner with us and so far it’s been even more rewarding.

What’s your favorite memory at VOA Texas?

I was on vacation in Chicago when Hurricane Harvey hit and upon my return, I was asked to go to Houston and assist with recovery efforts and organizing volunteers. To see some of our staff in Houston be in personal crisis from the hurricane and yet work tirelessly to restore our building, and work with other agencies to organize a distribution center in our warehouse while serving the community was simply amazing to witness and be a part of.

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