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Volunteer Appreciation Week 2015: Meet Fran Tynan

In observance of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we’re posting profiles of some of our most valuable volunteers who go above and beyond to support Volunteers of America Texas as we help the most vulnerable individuals in the¬†communities we serve. Fran Tynan MORE

Helping the Most Vulnerable Texans

The broken. The forgotten. The hopeless. At Volunteers of America Texas, providing compassionate service to those who need the most help is both a cause and a calling.

The cycles of addiction and incarceration damage the lives of individuals and their families. A lack of resources and empowering support isolates adults with disabilities.  Housing insecurity threatens to put families and our seniors on the streets or without basic needs. Poverty underlies all these issues.

Making a difference for these individuals and the community are the focus of our ministry of service in 30 Texas communities. Join us in reaching out with mercy and compassion to help those living in the shadows find hope, restoration and empowerment. Together, we can change lives.