Resolana, a program of Volunteers of America Texas, provides gender-specific programming to female offenders, beginning inside the Dallas County Jail and continuing through re-entry into the community. Our goals are to increase readiness for change on the inside, to increase use of existing community resources on the outside and to reduce recidivism.

Change Can Begin During Incarceration

It’s easy to take the path of least resistance while in jail, spending time sleeping or watching television. Resolana clients plan for their release while addressing the root causes of their incarceration, often addiction and trauma.

The rate of female incarceration is increasing at twice the rate of men; an increase primarily associated with poverty and drug use.
A majority of incarcerated women are victims of violence, sexual abuse and corresponding trauma.

Most incarcerated women are mothers with multiple minor children, children who are 8-10 times more likely than their peers to end up in jail or prison themselves.

You can help women break the cycle of incarceration by playing a role in this groundbreaking program through a variety of hands-on, dynamic volunteer opportunities or by making a donation.

“Resolana gives women the tools to use their time in the Dallas County Jail productively, with the goal of making it their last stint in custody,” said Dallas County Sherriff Lupe Valdez.

For more information about Resolana, contact:
Rayne Johnson, LCSW

Program Director

On October 1, 2013, Volunteers of America Texas merged with Resolana to help individuals make the transition from prison back into society.