Community Re-entry

Community Re-entry

When individuals are released from prison, their options for employment, decent housing, credit and more are severely limited. In the face of these obstacles, committing crimes may seem like a necessity in order to survive. At Volunteers of America Texas, we believe in second chances, and we are committed to helping these individuals to reduce recidivism.

We begin working with individuals while they are in prison, helping them prepare to re-enter the community by building life skills and overcoming problems with addiction.


Resolana provides connections to resources and an intensive series of gender-specific classes to female offenders while they are still in custody as well as ongoing support once they are released.

For more information about Resolana contact:
Rayne Johnson, LMSW

Program Director

Hutchins State Correctional Facility
We work with individuals in a halfway house setting as they prepare to re-enter the community, helping them build life skills and overcome problems with addiction.

For more information contact:
Janean Bray

Fort Worth
Avenue J
Our professional staff works with individuals in the process of re-entering the community, helping them find employment and identify resources and a network of support they need to be successful.

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For more information contact:
Merrill Wells

State Director, Community Re-entry

"Had I been sent from prison straight out into the world, I would have been really lost. Volunteers of America Texas has changed my life and turned it around for the better – and for good.”