Man Will Not Face Eviction after Receiving Rental Assistance from VOA Texas

(HOUSTON, TX) - Erwin Roosevelt, a recipient of Volunteers of America Texas COVID-19 relief funds, will not be evicted from his apartment after receiving rental assistance from the organization.

VOA Texas, a ministry of service dedicated to helping the vulnerable to reach their full potential, received $200,000 from the United Way of Greater Houston and The Greater Houston Community Foundation, to provide monetary assistance to those impacted by the pandemic. Since receiving the grant on May 27, 2020, VOA Texas has received 2,500 applications and has given out $175,000 in COVID-19 relief to residents in the greater Houston area.

“We understand that every hour can feel like an eternity for those in need of help. We receive nearly 200 calls each day on our COVID-19 relief hotline, and our staff of five is working hard to get money into the hands of those affected by the pandemic,” said Angela King, President and CEO of Volunteers of America Texas.

Since reaching out to KTRK-TV about having not received a follow up call from VOA Texas, Roosevelt has provided the additional information needed in order to receive assistance.

“I greatly appreciate all the help y’all provide. [VOA] did take care of me and they are real. Thank y’all very much!” Roosevelt said in a video interview with the organization Thursday morning.

Although the organization is no longer accepting applications, VOA Texas is working to distribute the remaining funding allocated for COVID-19 relief as quickly as possible. Those in need of assistance related to the pandemic may contact 211 Texas for help.